Kamala Harris’ Trip To Orlando About Pushing Gun Control

(PresidentialWire.com)- Last week, Kamala Harris traveled to Orlando, Florida ostensibly to deliver a speech at an event hosted by the historically black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha, of which Harris is an alum. But in reality, Kamala was there in her capacity as the White House’s “point person” on abortion.

During her speech at the Alpha Kappa Alpha event, Kamala rattled through her go-to talking points about keeping the government out of a woman’s private decision to kill her unborn child.

She blasted Republican-led states who have enacted restrictions on abortion, including Florida which enacted a law limiting abortion to the first 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Laws like Florida’s have overwhelming public support nationwide. But for Kamala Harris, anything less than abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy is unthinkable.

The vapid Vice President also demanded Congress pass the so-called “voting rights” bill that would strip states of their constitutional authority to determine their own elections by federalizing election law.

She also called on Congress to renew the so-called “assault weapons ban” that expired in 2004, and demanded lawmakers pass legislation to allow gun manufacturers to be sued if a weapon they make is used in a murder.

And because she was speaking to a black audience, Kamala also took a victory lap over the historic appointment of the historic first black woman on the Supreme Court, the historic Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Afterward, Kamala had a roundtable meeting with the near-extinct Florida Democrats where, in her introductory remarks, she once again burped out her talking points about abortion.

While the introductory remarks were open, the press was barred from attending the actual roundtable meeting.

The decision to give Kamala Harris a more prominent role in the White House’s more radical domestic agenda is bound to be a disaster.

This is the woman whose presidential run flamed out two months before the Iowa Caucus.

She is deeply unpopular and incapable of stringing together a coherent sentence.

While she might earn the praise of far-left activists in Florida, she is not likely to win over anyone else in the state.