Kamala Harris Shuts Out Press While Talking To Troops

(PresidentialWire.com)- On Thursday, after 13 American troops were murdered by suicide bombers outside of Kabul’s international airport along with 60 Afghans, Vice President Kamala Harris’ staff informed the usual White House press pool that they would not be invited to her meeting with American troops in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Harris was visiting Hawaii on her way back from Vietnam, and the closing of the event was sudden and surprising to journalists…but let’s face it, we all know why.

The White House press pool revealed that they were informed that no explanation was given by the vice president’s team for why it was changed. The Washington Examiner revealed that the vice president’s original schedule said that she would “participate in a troop engagement event” at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam’ and that it was going to include “travel pool coverage of this event.”

But allowing the press to turn up to the event would undoubtedly have resulted in Harris being pressed on difficult issues, and requiring her to talk without a script on an issue that the Biden administration was still formulating an official line on.

Bloomberg White House correspondent Jenny Leonard posted footage of Harris arriving in Honolulu following the news of the attack. The footage showed Harris completely ignoring the press and refusing to answer questions even as they shouted questions to her from a distance.

Why doesn’t the Vice President of the United States have something to say about a terror attack that killed American citizens, and which may not have occurred if not for the president’s mishandling of the military withdrawal from Afghanistan?