Kamala Harris Now Focusing On… Space

(PresidentialWire.com)- On Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Vandenburg Space Force Base north of Los Angeles where she proceeded to talk to members of the US Space Force like they were five-year-olds.

In May 2021, the White House announced that Kamala would chair the National Space Council, a cabinet-level advisory body.


Who knows. Maybe because in space, nobody can hear you cackle.

It was in her role as the chair of the National Space Council that the Veep made that embarrassing video with a bunch of child actors where she told them they would be able to see the craters on the moon “with your own eyes!”

And with that same condescending “talking to toddlers” approach, Kamala addressed the members of the US Space Force at Vandenburg.

Good grief. She isn’t talking to ignorant children who know nothing about space. She’s talking to members of the US Space Force. They know all about satellites. They know about telescopes that let you peer into the furthest reaches of space and see things “with your own eyes.” And they are well aware that men walked on the moon.

“Space is exciting.”

“Space, it affects us all.”

Why is it Kamala Harris always sounds like she’s giving a book report on a book she hasn’t read?

Frankly, it’s a wonder she didn’t say, “Space, the final frontier.”

Now, Kamala wasn’t just there to talk down to our men and women in uniform. She was also there to announce a new US policy banning anti-satellite missile testing.

That must have come as terrific news to Beijing.

This administration is deeply naïve.

Both Russia and China have already carried out anti-satellite missile testing. And here the Biden administration just surrendered.

Sure, Kamala also called on other countries to ban the tests. But what are the odds that China or Russia, or Iran or North Korea for the matter, will heed her calls?

By announcing a unilateral ban on testing anti-satellite missile systems, the Biden administration is putting the United States at a disadvantage in space.

And that isn’t particularly “exciting.”