Kamala Harris’ New Idea? The Same Old Failed Strategies

(PresidentialWire.com)- In the Biden administration’s ongoing effort to make the ill-prepared, inexperienced Kamala Harris its point-person on the war in Ukraine, they had the verbally-challenged Vice President appear on NBC’s Today Show last Wednesday.

In the interview, host Savannah Guthrie pressed Kamala on what else the White House had up its sleeve since the current sanctions aren’t deterring Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

And, as she always does, Kamala made a hash of her answer. She told Guthrie that the White House is going to continue doing what they’ve done. And the US would continue to “stand firm with our allies in terms of reassessing what we are doing with sanctions.”

That doesn’t even make sense.

What we’re doing isn’t working. So the solution is to keep doing what we’ve done?


Good grief.

Guthrie asked Kamala whether the United States would impose sanctions on Russia’s energy sector or at the very least stop purchasing oil from Russia.

Those are valid questions.

Russia is funding its war in Ukraine from the vast wealth it generates in oil and gas exports. But this is the one area the US and its allies refuse to sanction.

Guthrie pointed out that sanctions on Russian energy would hit Putin “where it hurts.” She noted that lawmakers from both parties have urged the Biden administration to cut off purchases of Russian oil.

But rather than address the questions, Kamala did what she always does. She fell back on her talking points.

She told Guthrie that the administration applauds “Germany in terms of what it has done as it relates to Nord Stream 2.” Then she added that domestically, the White House has “reevaluated what we’re doing in terms of the strategic oil reserve here in the United States to make sure that it will not have an impact or we can mitigate the impact on the American consumer.”

That doesn’t address the question at all.

Harris then said the US and its allies are “firm and united” in ways that the pundits didn’t expect “to ensure that we are unified in our approach to this issue.”


Again, that’s nothing but word salad.

What Kamala failed to do is answer Guthrie’s questions. Why won’t they sanction the Russian energy sector and why won’t the Biden administration stop the import of Russian petroleum?