Kamala Harris’ Husband Can’t Reach His Wife Anymore, Reports Say

(PresidentialWire.com)- Reports suggest that Doug Emhoff, the “Second Gentleman” of the United States and the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, is struggling to adapt to his new life. Despite not being in the public eye very much, Emhoff is reportedly having trouble getting used to his new life.

A report from McClatchy even reveals how he has his own office on the White House grounds, right near the room where his wife holds roundtable discussions and hosts formal events.

The report says that Emhoff struggles to see his wife during the day, and is unable to communicate with her via cell phone in the same way they used to before she entered the White House.

It’s curious that this outlet chose to write a piece like this, too. Don’t you think? Why are media outlets covering how Doug Emhoff is having a hard time speaking to his wife during a weekday, when that’s something virtually every other married couple in the United States is used to as well?

“Sometimes the couple bump into each other in a happy accident in the hallways of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which serves as the primary workspace for most White House staff and is home to the Vice President’s Ceremonial Office. Harris also tries to stop by her husband’s office when she is on site, Emhoff aides said,” the report continues.


More often than not, the report continued, if Emhoff wants to have a short conversation with his wife he needs to ask his staff to find out when she has a slot during the day to talk, and then he will need to walk across the street that separates his building from the official White House complex to enter the building and talk to her.

Emhoff’s friend David Lash described his experience as a “transition” and that he is trying to help the Biden administration “as much as he possibly can.”

Is this news? Really?