Kamala Harris Claims “Freedom Convoy” Is Polluting D.C. As Protesters Arrive

(PresidentialWire.com)- At the same time that heavy truckers in North America are protesting COVID-19 vaccination requirements, Vice President Kamala Harris tried to turn the focus of the situation to pollution caused by the vehicles they drive.

Drivers of heavy trucks were staging a protest of vaccination requirements by driving a circle around the Washington, D.C., Beltway. Instead of commenting on the situation of the vaccine requirements, or the actions of the “People’s Convoy,” Harris instead decided to focus on climate change.

In making a speech on Monday, Harris said:

“Pollution from heavy-duty trucks and buses has made the air poisonous to breathe and this pollution is also, of course, accelerating the climate crisis – threatening the future not just of our communities, but of the entire world.”

Over the weekend, American truckers associated with the People’s Convoy arrived in the nation’s capital. Then, they circled around the Capitol Beltway on Monday in protest of various restrictions being put on their travel due to the coronavirus.

The extremely progressive vice president decided to almost completely ignore this fact, though, and instead focused on the damage the vehicles they are driving are doing to the environment.

In her speech, the vice president told a story of a community she visited in California when she served as the state’s attorney general. She blamed public buses and heavy freight trucks for the pollution that was hurting that particular community.

She also shared a personal dream, which is to replace all buses and trucks that are powered by diesel fuel with vehicles that are powered by electric. She explained:

“Imagine a future: The freight trucks that deliver bread and milk to our grocery store shelves and the buses that take children to school and parents to work … Imagine that they produced zero emissions.”

In making those comments, Harris further touted a portion of the infrastructure bill that would give $1.5 billion in grants to replace buses powered by diesel by some powered by electric.

She explained:

“We have the ability to see what can be, unburdered by what has been, and then to make the possible actually happen.”

It should be considered at least a little suspicious — if not downright ironic — that on the same day the People’s Convoy was protesting coronavirus restrictions, the Environmental Protection Agency decided to announce a new rule that would cut the nitrogen oxide emissions coming from heavy trucks by as much as 90% over the next nine years.

That rule is what Harris was celebrating on Monday, rather than reaching out to the American truckers who are peacefully protesting against a rule that the president she works for passed down.

Michael Regan, the administrator of the EPA, defender this new rule recently by calling it environmental justice. He said “people of color and those with lower incomes” were in fact “more likely” to reside near various freight routes that trucks take throughout the United States.