Kamala Harris Claims Border Crisis Improving Despite Getting Worse

(PresidentialWire.com)- Far-left Vice President Kamala Harris wrongly claimed on Friday that the Biden administration has made “extreme progress” on the border, but didn’t specify what she meant by progress.

Which is convenient, given that the border crisis is just getting worse and there are many ways you might interpret “progress.”

Given that Democratic Rep. Veronica Escobar claimed during Harris’ visit that the border is now the “new Ellis Island,” perhaps the record number of illegal aliens pouring over the border is precisely the “progress” Harris is talking about.

Harris said that the Biden administration isn’t where they want to be yet, but that extreme progress has been made over the last few months.

She made the comments during a press conference in Texas on Friday, during a visit to the border that wasn’t on the cards until former President Donald Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that they would be visiting to see the impact of President Joe Biden’s disastrous border policies.

In May, the number of illegal aliens apprehended by border officials reached 180,000 for the month. In March, when she was first appointed to oversee the border crisis, the number of illegal aliens detained in El Paso, Texas, reached a 15-year-high.

Interestingly, however, Harris chose to visit one of the places on the border that is less affected by the crisis. When Trump and Abbott visit the border, they’ll be showing the world just how serious the problem is.

It seems like Harris and the Biden administration are more concerned about giving migrant children and their parents the best possible treatment after arriving in the United States, rather than focusing on stopping the flow of illegal aliens into the United States in the first place.

And never mind the criminal gangs and coyotes…