Justice Clarence Thomas Spotted At Arlington National Cemetery For Holidays

(Presidentialwire.com)- Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was spotted at Arlington National Cemetery while volunteering for the holidays, according to Breitbart. The justice was reportedly honoring the veterans by placing wreaths at their tombs.

The justice was volunteering alongside Wreaths Across America, a nonprofit organization that conducts a ceremony of laying wreaths for the dead veterans. Thomas was captured in a photo taken by D.C.-based journalist Emily Miller, who shared her finding on Twitter.


Miller immediately dispelled critics who were alleging that Thomas was just volunteering for a photo op. Thomas is reportedly a volunteer every year. The event is organized by a veteran named Frank who had placed Miller and Thomas in the same group. As she takes a video of what is going on, Thomas can be quietly seen walking by.

In 2016, she also took a photo of the group together and posted it on Twitter, but no one noticed him then. Miller alleges that Thomas does not even know she posted the picture of them together or that it went viral.

“Every December since 2014, I have volunteered in this group to place the wreaths in Section 60 of Arlington,” Miller wrote on her Substack. “The only people I’ve seen figure out who Justice Thomas really is during these events are the Gold Star family members he talks to honor and support them privately.”

She claims that she never sees Thomas speak to the many reporters who are already there at the cemetery and says that the only “camera he found” was her iPhone, referring to those accusing him of looking for a camera to get attention.

The tradition of wreath-laying for veterans reportedly began in 1992 with Morrill Worcester, owner of Worcester Wreath Company in Maine. After having a surplus of wreaths that year, Worcester organized an event to place some of the rest at Arlington. The tribute continued each year and gained national attention in 2005 when a photo went viral showing the tombstones with a wreath placed on them and snow covering the ground.