Judge To Allow More Allegations Against Josh Duggar To Be Heard

(PresidentialWire.com)- The judge presiding over the Joshua Duggar child pornography trial just ruled that jurors will hear evidence showing how Duggar – allegedly – admitted to molesting as many as four underage girls some two decades ago.

The jury is expected to hear testimony from a family friend who testified on Monday in a pretrial hearing that during a conversation with Duggar in 2003, he admitted that he had molested the four victims. The family friend said that he even told them that those four girls were his sisters, and later, a babysitter.

Lawyers representing Duggar had argued against the jury hearing his testimony as the allegations are not relevant to the current trial relating to his alleged ownership of child pornography, but the judge didn’t agree.

In his ruling, United States District Judge Timothy Brooks rejected the motion, saying that the victims in the child pornography case were roughly the same ages as the children he allegedly molested.

“Accordingly, the prior act evidence is probative of defendant’s sexual interest in underage children and his propensity for exploiting young girls,” he said.

That’s common sense.

The trial started on Tuesday in Arkansas, and Duggar – aged 33 – is now facing federal charges for possession of child pornography. He is said to have been in possession of hundreds of images that depicted the sexual abuse of children under 12 years old. Some were even just toddlers.

If convicted, he faces two decades in prison and potential fines of up to $250,000.