Judge Opens Door For Media Access To Capitol Riot Evidence

(PresidentialWire.com)- You might well feel as though you’ve heard enough about the January 6 Capitol Hill riots, but a federal judge issued a standing order in prosecutions against rioters on Friday that will allow media organizations the right to obtain video footage from the prosecutors. So you’re probably going to be hearing much more about this case…and the reporting might actually start getting more accurate.

District Court Judge Beryl Howell will put forward a process for federal prosecutors to release footage used in criminal cases against rioters, and under the new standing order, the defendants in those cases will be able to object to the release of any footage if they believe it could be prejudicial for a jury.

In some instances, it could hurt prosecutors with weak cases…and prompt people to rethink the narrative that it was a pre-organized right-wing insurrection against the U.S. government.

Judges in the upcoming and ongoing cases will be able to decide on a case-by-case basis whether it is right to release video footage used in the trials. A uniform standard for allowing the press to obtain the footage will be implemented soon, meaning we could see a flurry of new video footage from left-wing media outlets claiming they were right all along, and from more honest media outlets who dig deeper and see that the January 6 riots were actually attended by both right-wing and left-wing activists.

The decision came after a motion from 14 different media organizations requested the footage be made public.

The order comes in response to a motion from 14 media organizations that asked Howell to streamline the process for public access to the footage.
“While we appreciate the extraordinary workload these prosecutions present to the hardworking Judges and staff of this Court, delayed access to these historic records shuts the public out of an important part of the administration of justice,” the news organizations said to the court.

More than 400 prosecutions are ongoing or upcoming in relation to the January 6 riot.