Joy Reid Freaks Out After Rapper Questions COVID Vaccines

( This week, rapper Nicki Minaj created a firestorm on social media after tweeting that she wasn’t attending the Met Gala, in part because proof of vaccination was required. Citing an anecdotal case of her cousin’s friend who suffered side effects from the shot – namely impotence and swollen testicles — Minaj said that she would only get vaccinated after she had done sufficient research on the COVID vaccines. Minaj also told her fans not to be bullied, but to “pray on it” and make sure they are comfortable with their decision.

Not exactly the most “anti-vaxx” position.

Minaj didn’t tell her fans not to take the vaccine. Nor did she say she was refusing to take the vaccine herself.

But that didn’t stop the usual suspects from flying into a rage over Minaj’s tweets.

On her show Tuesday, the odious Joy Reid feigned exasperation as she lectured Minaj over abusing her massive social media platform by telling her fans not to “protect themselves and save their lives.”

Again, Minaj did not tell her fans not to get the vaccine. Instead, she told them to pray on it and make sure they’re comfortable with their decision.

Reid’s condescending sanctimony was too much even for Nicki Minaj. In retweeting the video clip from Reid’s show, Minaj hammered the demagogic Reid, pointing out that because Joy Reid was “so thirsty to down another black woman,” she didn’t bother reading all of Minaj’s tweets. Calling Joy Reid a “dumba**,” Minaj accused Reid of spreading “a false narrative about a black woman.”

Don’t take it personally, Nicki. Joy Reid lies about everybody.

And that’s kind of the point. Joy has made a cottage industry out of claiming that it’s those gap-toothed, redneck, white supremacist Trump voters who are refusing to get vaccinated. Then along comes Nicki Minaj – the furthest thing from a Trump voter – who offers just the mildest criticism about forcing people to get vaccinated against their will, and Joy Reid’s entire narrative gets torpedoed.

But Joy wasn’t the only one who felt the need to weigh in on Nicki Minaj’s personal decision.

On CNN, Jake Tapper pressed Dr. Anthony Fauci into service, asking him to debunk Minaj’s anecdote about her cousin’s friend’s swollen testicles. Tapper also begged Fauci about what could be done to prevent someone with so many Twitter followers from disseminating “misinformation” about vaccines.

As an American, Nicki Minaj has the right to share “a one-off anecdote” if she wants to. She did not claim her anecdote was scientific evidence. Her only sin was refusing to be a sheep.