Josh Hawley Slams Media For Trying To End His Book

( Senator Josh Hawley hit back at the left-wing media this week after he was called a “hypocrite” for promoting his book about Big Tech, “The Tyranny of Big Tech,” on Amazon.

The Republican senator is one of the most vocal critics of Big Tech in the party and in Congress, and faced claims from MSNBC anchor Brian Williams this week that he should refrain from selling his book via Big Tech platforms.

Why shouldn’t he use their own platforms against them?

“Josh Hawley is using an iPhone, going on Twitter to beg people to buy the book on Amazon, his book called ‘The Tyranny of Big Tech’…Josh Hawley isn’t stupid but he apparently thinks we are,” the far-left “news anchor” said.

Notice how he used the word “beg” rather than “promote”? There’s no chance they’d say that about Hunter Biden when he promotes his book, is there?

But Senator Hawley wasn’t taking the nonsensical accusations lying down. In a statement to Fox News, Hawley’s office described precisely why he was selling his book on Amazon.

“This is what we call a monopoly,” Hawley’s statement said. “Of course Josh is selling books on Amazon – the overwhelming number of books purchased in America are purchased there. Amazon is a monopoly platform. If critics want to do something about that, they should support Josh’s plans to break up Big Tech.”

Boom, there you have it.

Abigail Marone, Senator Hawley’s press secretary, responded with a snarky message on Twitter.

“It’s almost like…these companies…are monopolies…” she said.

Which is exactly the point Hawley makes in his book.

How is it the Democrats and left-wing anchors don’t see that they just proved Hawley’s thesis absolutely right?