John Oliver Goes On Swearing Rant Against Police

( The COVID pandemic response was revealing for so many reasons, wasn’t it? We learned just how easy it is to get Americans to surrender their liberty in the name of “public health.” We learned that our elected officials and the media take to tyranny like a fish to water.

And we learned that once they had the power, they would never give it up, mostly because they never expected the pliant sheep who fell for “15 days to slow the spread” would ever wise up and push back.

And they were wrong. Pushback is happening. And these despotic tyrants and their dutiful flacks in the media aren’t reacting at all well to the pushback.

On his HBO program Sunday, host John Oliver, an alleged comedian, went on the attack against police officers around the country who are fighting back against mandatory COVID vaccinations. Oliver sneered at the notion of individual liberty. He complained that police are supposed to protect people, but they won’t protect people by getting the vaccine. The very vaccine, mind you, that does not prevent someone from contracting or spreading COVID.

Oliver, singing from the same hymnal as everyone in the Biden administration, then concluded if the police want to quit rather than get the vaccine, “f**king let them!”

Watch HERE.

John Oliver isn’t alone.

Also on Sunday, the decrepit old Marxist Noam Chomsky, in an interview on YouTube’s Primo Radical program, suggested that the unvaccinated should have “the decency to remove themselves from the community” for the safety of everyone else. And if they have problems getting groceries without coming into contact with the Good People (AKA the vaccinated), well, that’s their problem.

Like Oliver, Chomsky scoffed at those who believe in individual liberty, saying that if they treasure liberty so much, they should “find a way to protect it and secure it for themselves.”

It would be one thing if this sentiment was coming only from those who hold no political power over us. But it is precisely the sentiment of those in elected office – from mayors to governors to the President of the United States himself.