John Bolton Thinks Running For President Will Help Him

John Bolton, Trump’s former national security adviser, told CNN he is still thinking about competing in the Republican primary.

Abby Phillip, a host on CNN, inquired of Bolton whether he had considered running for president.

Bolton stated that he had not. The field is becoming crowded, and he holds a distinct perspective on the upcoming events in the next few months.

He believes there is currently a compelling competition between two individuals, Trump and DeSantis. Bolton said that Trump would criticize DeSantis in the months that followed, and DeSantis is going to have to respond.

In December of last year, John Bolton expressed his potential interest in running for President with the primary goal of preventing his former employer, Donald Trump, from being re-elected.

Bolton alleged that if Donald Trump were to be elected again, he might not swear to preserve, protect, and defend The Constitution. 

Many members of former President Trump’s White House staff viewed John Bolton with suspicion and disliked his presence. 

Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, a Special Assistant to President Trump, recently gave an interview in which he claimed that former National Security Advisor John Bolton had secretly plotted to destroy the Trump administration with the help of DC insiders and the so-called conservative media.

An interview shows that when Ric Grenell was Acting Director of National Intelligence, he suspected John Bolton of engaging in a pattern of leaks designed to further his own agenda whenever he took issue with a new Trump policy initiative.

In a video interview, Peter Navarro, formerly of the White House’s Trade Policy Advisory Council, detailed how John Bolton lobbied Fox News hosts Mark Levin and Sean Hannity for favorable recommendations before being appointed to his position.  That’s the way he got inside. John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, has never grasped the president’s concept of using economics to advance national security goals.  Put emphasis there. That’s the crux of the matter.

According to Peter Navarro, Bolton had no interest in supporting the Trump administration’s foreign policy, preferring instead to pursue his own goals.