Joe Rogan Is Not Dead, Despite Reports

( Did you hear that Joe Rogan died? Well, it’s not true – but that didn’t stop Twitter from spreading the rumor like wildfire.

On Wednesday, Joe Rogan was trending on Twitter, but not because leftists were accusing him of being a racist. This time, users seemed to believe that Rogan had died because trolls shared a fake tweet from the UFC Twitter account, and another from an account named “Joe Rogan Headquarters.”

“We are saddened to announce the passing of Joe Rogan,” the tweet said, adding, “He died peacefully in his home this afternoon, we will provide more details as they arrive, with respect to his family’s wishes.”

Then, a fake screenshot of a tweet said to be from the official UFC account showed a fake quote from Dana White, the owner of UFC.

“The entire UFC family is devastated to hear of Joe Rogan’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family she loved ones, and we will make sure to continue his legacy,” the fake quote reads.


Fake statements were then shared by other trolls, with another final quote from Rogan that read, “I’m Gay.”


It just goes to show how fake news is so easily shared, and how people believe it so quickly.

And clearly this was done by people who aren’t fans of Joe Rogan – yet Democrats still (wrongly) claim Republicans are responsible for “fake news” on social media platforms.

Joe Rogan, just in case you’d heard, is very much alive.