Joe Hoft Says If We Can Impeach Presidents After They Leave Office, Start With Obama

(PresidentialWire)- Joe Hoft, a writer for popular conservative commentary website The Gateway Pundit, made an interesting point earlier this week.

Hoft said that if the Senate plans on moving forward with the impeachment hearing for former President Donald Trump, then perhaps it’s time for the politicians in D.C. to move forward with the impeachment of another former president…Barack Obama.

“According to today’s corrupt politicians in DC you can now impeach a former President,” he said. “If this is the case then let’s start with Obama.”

Hoft described the efforts by Congressional Democrats (and a handful of Republicans) to convict former President Donald Trump in a new impeachment trial because he complained about election fraud as “Banana Republic” tactics. And, now that his opponent is installed in the White House, the Democrats remain hellbent on destroying President Trump’s legacy.

Constitutional attorney Alan Dershowitz also weighed in on the issue recently and argued that the case isn’t even constitutional. Dershowitz explained that now-former President Donald Trump is a private citizen, the Senate “should dismiss the article of impeachment against him for lack of jurisdiction.”

How can they impeach somebody who…can’t be impeached? Can the Senate impeach other former presidents or even other private citizens?

“The Constitution is clear,” he said. “The president…shall be removed from office on impeachment…and conviction…not by the expiration of his term before the impeachment process is complete.”

Dershowitz also said that the United States Constitution required that “judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal and disqualification – nor or disqualification.”

So how can the Democrats get away with this?

Hoft said that impeachment of former President Barack Obama should be possible not just because the Democrats are setting a precedent, but because the controversial Democratic Party leader engaged in illegal activity.

“We know that he spied on numerous individuals and including President Trump,” Hoft said. “We know how he set up the President and members of his team and we know he knew. These activities are shocking and criminal. He should be impeached for this.”

What do you think…is it time for Republicans to fight like Democrats and give them a taste of their own medicine?