Joe Biden’s Poor Health Being Propped Up, Famous News Host Reports

( President Joe Biden is already proving an embarrassment internationally, with Australian Sky News host Alan Jones criticizing the president for his frail appearance and inability to perform the role of president effectively.

Jones also noted the biased of the mainstream left-wing press, which protects Joe Biden but repeatedly slammed former President Donald Trump for the smallest of mistakes and even falsely accused him of having Parkinson’s Disease when he walked slowly down a slippery ramp.

Jones said that the leader of the free world is “incoherent” and being “propped up physically and intellectually.”

Referencing the two times that President Joe Biden stumbled and fell up the stairs of Air Force One, Jones said that “the websites of MSNBC, CBS News, the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and the New York Times all had no mention of Biden’s stumbling incident.”

“To prove the Trump point, when it came to airtime on television, CNN devoted 15 seconds to the incident,” he added. “But when Trump walked slowly down a ramp after he delivered a graduation address last June, CNN devoted 22 minutes to Trump’s walk, the media pushing the line that Trump – 74 – was facing serious health questions.”

And then, when President Donald Trump addressed what the media had said about the incident – and entered into a long and hilarious diatribe about the events that led up to the slow walk down the ramp – the left-wing press mocked Trump and called his commentary a “rant.”

Jones is one of the most vocal critics of President Joe Biden in the foreign press, slamming the president on April 1 as “illiterate, incoherent, cognitively deficient.”

It shows just how much of an embarrassment Joe Biden is when it comes to representing the United States on a global stage, and how the bias of the American media is so blatant even to those on the other side of the world.

President Joe Biden is the oldest president in American history, but it’s not his age that’s proving a problem for his presidency. The fact that he isn’t physically or mentally capable is.