Joe Biden Unpopular In Iowa

( President Joe Biden got some bad news for his future political prospects this week when it was revealed that most people in Iowa don’t approve of the job he’s doing.

A recent poll conducted by the Des Moines Register-Mediacom showed that almost two-thirds of residents of Iowa disapprove of the job the president is doing. The poll has shown that, since June, Biden’s approval rating has dropped significantly.

Of those people who participated in the survey, 62% said they didn’t approve of how Biden is doing in the White House thus far. Only 31% of the participants said Biden is doing a good job. The remaining 7% said they aren’t sure about how he’s doing in the job.

In June, a poll conducted by the same company showed Biden had an approval rating of 43%, with only a small majority (52%) saying they disapproved of his job performance.

The only other time this particular poll showed that Biden’s approval rating was above 50% was back in March.

The results of this poll could prove particularly important, as Iowa is the first state that holds presidential caucuses for the two major political parties’ primaries. If Biden doesn’t turn things around relatively soon, he could face a difficult path forward if he hopes to eventually win re-election.

Biden and his administration have been facing a lot of challenges recently. After COVID-19 infections decreased rapidly at the beginning of the summer, they have been increasing rapidly in recent months thanks to the Delta variant.

They’re also facing stiff backlash from the botched job that was done when withdrawing all U.S. military troops from Afghanistan. The fact that the Taliban quickly took over the country at the end of the U.S. occupation has worried many people in America that Biden is unable to handle foreign affairs or major matters of national security.

According to the poll, only 22% of respondents in Iowa said they approved of how the Biden administration handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan, with 66% saying they disapproved of how they handled it. As for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, only 36% of respondents said they approved of the job the Biden administration is doing, versus 60% who said they disapprove.

What’s more, the 31% approval rating Biden currently has among residents of Iowa is lower than the worst score that former President Donald Trump had at any point in the state. Trump’s worst mark happened in December of 2017, when his approval rating in this Iowa poll sat at 35%.

Iowa could be considered somewhat of a swing state, even if it doesn’t get the same publicity as some other states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio. In the 2008 and 2012 elections, Iowa supported President Barack Obama. In the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, though, Iowans switched sides and supported Trump.

It could be a key state in the 2024 presidential election, and primaries leading up to it. And as of now, things aren’t looking so good for Biden.