Joe Biden Tells U.S. Pentagon To Get Ready Requiring Vaccination Among Troops

( Last week when President Biden announced new vaccine rules for all federal workers, he said he wants to make it a requirement for all US military to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

Biden said he was asking the Department of Defense to look into how and when they will be adding COVID-19 to the list of required vaccinations for the armed forces. Biden argued that since many in uniform serve in regions with low vaccination rates, it is important to mandate they receive the COVID vaccines.

In justifying mandating the troops receive a vaccine that has yet to be officially approved by the FDA, Biden invoked his parents, saying he learned growing up that “with freedom comes responsibility.” Accusing the unvaccinated of infringing on the freedom of others, Biden reiterated that the vaccines are safe and highly effective, adding “there’s nothing political about them.”

Thursday night, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed that the DoD would determine the best protocol for mandating the vaccine which has remained voluntary primarily because it none of the COVID vaccines have the full approval of the FDA.

Thus far only 70 percent of the US military have received at least one COVID shot. Thirty percent are refusing to get vaccinated. The Pentagon’s deputy press secretary Jamal Brown, using the administration’s fearmongering talking point as a weapon, invoked the high transmissibility of the delta variant as reason to force servicemen and women into getting vaccinated.

Even without mandated vaccinations, the Department of Defense has stringent guidelines in place for those working at the Pentagon.

Currently the Pentagon does not require proof of vaccination. However, the Department of Defense will be asking all civilian and military workers at the Pentagon to “attest to their vaccination status” based on an honor system. All employees are required to report truthfully whether or not that have received the vaccine.

Those Pentagon employees who are unable or unwilling to comply will be required to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and undergo regular testing for COVID. The unvaccinated will also be subject to restrictions on official travel.