Joe Biden Storms Out Of Room Without Answering Questions

( Last Thursday, President Joe Biden once again caused confusion in a speech he gave about his failed “Build Back Better” plan, which has still yet to pass in Congress given that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can agree that it’s actually a good idea.

Before jetting off to Europe, where the president would later reportedly have a “bathroom accident” while in the company of the Pope in Italy, President Biden pushed his $1.75 trillion “scaled back” climate bill. He described it as an “historic economic framework” and that he will have more to say about it after he returns from his “critical meetings in Europe” that week.

In his mumbling speech, the president wrongly claimed that his massive multi-trillion-dollar spending plants wouldn’t cause higher taxes and wouldn’t damage the economy, even though members of his own party in the Senate won’t get behind the plans based on the hugely damaging impact that it will likely have on the economy.

Has Biden not looked at the price of gas lately? Or the cost of food?

And after mumbling his way through his ten-minute speech, Biden pulled a classic move of turning his back on reporters and just walking away.

No questions. Nothing. He just walked off and left everyone more confused than they were before.

It’s important to recognize at this point that Biden does this so often that he hasn’t actually given a press conference for more than 100 days. The last one was on July 15.

“Most transparent administration in history,” or something.