Joe Biden Says Jill Biden Controls What He’s Allowed To Say

( A Cinco de Mayo reception with Beatriz Gutiérrez Mueller de López Obrador, the wife of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was held by Joe and Jill Biden on Thursday in Washington, DC.
Joe Biden asked the First Lady of Mexico if she wanted to see the Oval Office.

Biden said he’d like to take her into his office and show her if she’d like to, and he’ll show her Franklin Roosevelt.
Jill bristled, leaving one to wonder if “showing her Franklin Roosevelt” was a euphemism.
As the President stepped away from his podium and exited the stage, Joe Biden said to Jill, “I’m going to go walk down and get the First Lady of Mexico.”

Although it was impossible to hear what Joe Biden said to Beatriz Gutiérrez Mueller de López Obrador because of the loud music, Breitbart White House Correspondent Charlie Spiering was able to hear Biden’s interaction with the Mexican president.
In greeting the First Lady of Mexico, Vice President Joe Biden observed, “Jill doesn’t let me get into these conversations.”

This was a strange admission to a prominent world luminary, suggesting Biden is thought of in his inner circle as incompetent and in constant need of handlers.
PowerLIne -How far gone is Joe Biden, mentally? I don’t know, but his aides do. And the frenzy they display whenever it appears that Biden might have to talk without a script tells us that they think he is incompetent.
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