Joe Biden Kneels Before Israeli President In Shocking First

( Republicans agree that the relationship between the United States and Israel is an important one, but President Joe Biden took things too far recently when he literally kneeled before the country’s Prime Minister and declared his “unquestionable commitment” to the country.

Photographs published last week show how the president, who is supposedly a Catholic, knelt before President Reuven Rivlin of Israel along with his chief-of-staff, the Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Rebecca Ravitz.

Israeli news sources said that Biden, as he was on his knees, pledged his commitment to the defense of Israel, saying that his commitment is “known and engraved in the rock.”

You can see the pictures here:

Seriously…what’s that all about?

Since when did U.S. presidents kneel before foreign world leaders?

Israeli news outlet Kipa reported that Biden dropped to his knees when he was told a story about Ravitz’s 12 children, which prompted him to pledge his support.

By the way, it’s worth noting that this kind of thing isn’t reciprocated..and why should it be? Ravitz met Pope Francis back in 2015, and didn’t bow to the religious leader as he was wearing a cross, and she is an Orthodox Jew.

So why is a professed Catholic kneeling for somebody other than the figurehead of his own religion?

The photograph of Biden bowing was posted by Yossi Elituv of Michpacha. He said in the caption that Ravitz “will continue to sail far” and said that the incident “meets the definition of the sanctification of God.”

This is just plain weird.