Joe Biden Dogs Play Tug-Of-War With Trump Doll

( Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, deemed by the mainstream media as the “president-elect” despite widespread election fraud, exposed the disingenuous nature of his calls for “Unity” and “Healing” when his team posted a photograph of his dogs tearing up a Donald Trump doll.

On an Instagram account named “first_dogs_usa,” Joe Biden published photographs taken by his granddaughter, Naomi Biden.

“I hope you’ll enjoy these pics of me, Champ & Charlie First Grandpupper,” the post reads. “@JNaomiBiden took these during out #TugOfWar match. Champ was the champion – some names are predestined. Just like winning, in a landslide, by a record number of votes.”

Funny how they forgot to mention the tens of thousands of illegal and double voters, and the hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots counted in the dead of night after ballot watchers were told to go home.

Maybe it really was predestined…

The post also included the hashtags “#YoureFired” and “#ByeDon.”

Unity and healing, huh?

Ever since Biden was declared the winner by the media, Joe Biden has repeatedly called for “healing,” despite having labeled President Trump and his supporters as Nazis and far-right extremists. Publishing a photograph of his dogs tearing at a doll of the president doesn’t really fit his narrative. Though he likely knows that.

In a speech given after the Electoral College met on December 14 to vote for Joe Biden, the former vice president once again called for the country to unite behind him, after spending years disparaging half the population of the United States.

“The integrity of our elections remains intact,” he incorrectly claimed.

“Now it is time to turn the page, to unite, to heal,” he added.

Meanwhile, investigations into the 2020 presidential election continue. Tens of thousands of double voters have already been discovered in battleground states, with many thousands in Nevada having voted despite not living in the state.

In Michigan County, forensic auditors discovered a massive 68% error rate in the counting of votes. After counting the same votes several times, the Dominion voting machines produced vastly different results.

So the integrity of our elections is not intact, and Biden says he wants healing while posting photographs of his dogs biting the president.