Joe Biden Does Softball “Interview” on Late Night TV

( The old man in the White House who rarely agrees to take questions from White House reporters finally agreed to do a sit-down interview last Friday. But rather than sitting down with an actual reporter or news anchor, Joe Biden did a virtual appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon.

This probably won’t shock you, but Fallon offered up a bunch of softball questions to the old man while fawning all over the guy like he was Barack Obama.

Fallon let the divisive Biden whine and complain about how uncivil Republicans are. Old Joe bemoaned the division that exists between Democrats and Republicans, which he naturally blamed entirely on Republicans – specifically the “Q-Anon” and “extreme elements” in the Republican Party.

Fallon gave Joe a platform to repeat his propaganda about COVID and vaccines while complaining about how politicized the vaccines have become as if he had nothing to do with it. One example of “politicization” of vaccines Biden cited was people complaining about his mandates, which he claimed were “patriotic.”

Biden even attempted a few jokes, which is pretty redundant when you think about it since his entire presidency is a joke.

At one point, while Fallon was gushing all over the decrepit old man, viewers could see that old Joe had a stack of note cards in his hand.

Who needs note cards to do a softball appearance on “The Tonight Show?” Well, Joe Biden, that’s who.

Last week it was reported that White House officials were meeting with top brass from major news outlets to badger them into covering the President and his disastrous economy in a more favorable light.

It is clear making old Joe do a virtual appearance on the “Tonight Show” was part of the White House’s “Operation Favorable Press.”

Americans are paying more for everyday consumer goods. Inflation is through the roof. And the White House is more worried about boosting Joe’s approval rating than it is about improving the lives of the American people.

And therein lies the problem.