Joe Biden Can’t Explain Fact Corporations Are Leaving U.S. Because Of Him

( President Joe Biden couldn’t offer a clear, coherent, or honest answer about the issue of American businesses moving overseas because of his massive proposed tax increases.

Speaking on Monday, after a relaxing Easter with his family – yet another trip away from his responsibilities and work at the White House – the president couldn’t offer any reassurance that corporations wouldn’t leave the United States if his massive “infrastructure” plan and tax increased go ahead.

When asked about the issue, Biden wrongly claimed that “there’s no evidence to that.”

“You’re talking about companies in the Fortune 500 that haven’t paid a single penny in tax for 3 years. Come on, man,” he said.

Joe Biden has long used the phrase “come on, man” to answer questions he doesn’t want to offer a specific response to. It is usually followed by the president changing the topic entirely or walking away.

The president didn’t offer any more insight about how he would stop those Fortune 500 companies from leaving the United States and taking thousands of jobs with them.

You may remember during the 2020 campaign when then-candidate Biden promised that his tax increases would not affect anybody earning less than $400,000. Since then, however, the Biden administration has admitted – via White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki – that it would actually impact Americans earning $200,000 per year.

So not only might American corporations leave the country and take their jobs with them, but Americans who have worked their whole life for a stable income may face dramatic hikes in their annual taxes. For Americans living in states like New York and California where the taxes are already extortionate, it could prove completely disastrous.

Republicans have repeatedly criticized President Joe Biden’s plans – not that he has listened. GOP legislators have warned that there are too many social initiatives in the infrastructure plan that have nothing to do with infrastructure and simply prove expensive and unnecessary ways to spend other peoples’ money.