Joe Biden Blocking Transparency On Migrant Kids Planes

( Senator Bill Hagerty, a Republican legislator representing Tennessee, revealed on Fox News on Tuesday that the Biden administration is actively stopping members of Congress and the media from accessing information about migrant children being relocated into Tennessee.

Hagerty explained how planes containing migrant children were being flown into the state in secret, and that his office has discovered that many of these planes are landing after midnight.

Why would the Biden administration be flying children into Tennessee in the dead of night?

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto asked the senator if he was aware of how many young people have been relocated into his state, to which he responded, “the answer is no, we don’t at this point.”

Senator Hagerty described how he is “pushing hard” for transparency on the matter but that the Biden administration is actively blocking his efforts. He said that the planes are operated by commercial airlines but some children are being flown by private planes, and that arrivals are being dispersed as soon as they arrive.

He added that the limited information that they have obtained is that the people arriving are unaccompanied minors, but that they could also be adults for all he knows.

“What sort of people are moving through the state?” he asked. “What sort of people are residing and staying in the state?”

The shocking revelation comes after border officials revealed that the Biden administration had instructed them to release illegal aliens at the border without issuing court dates, meaning an untold number of illegal aliens are pouring into the United States across the border. In April alone, some 178,000 illegal aliens were apprehended by border officials – and an unknown number of aliens have successfully crossed without being apprehended.

Senator Hagerty explained how the Tennessee governor’s office reached out to the Biden administration to find out more about the children being flown into the state, and has not received a response. He insisted that the state government needs to know that those being flown in have been properly vetted, and that the issue could “overcrowd our schools” and “overwhelm our hospitals.”

Do the Democrats never stop for a moment and think about how their disastrous immigration policies will affect regular Americans?

You can watch the segment with Senator Hagerty here.