Joe Biden BELIEVES China’s Coronavirus Numbers

(PresidentialWire.Com)- Former Vice President and presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, appeared to suggest he believes the numbers coming out of China relating to the coronavirus on Thursday.

In a statement that his campaign released on Medium (I doubt Biden knows how to use Medium…), the presidential hopeful suggests that the United States now has “more coronavirus cases than anywhere in the world,” forgetting the fact that most people now recognize the figures released by the Chinese government are not trustworthy.

Biden used the statement as an opportunity to attack President Donald Trump over the action taken during the spread of the coronavirus, suggesting he has failed the country.

Before you read the exact quote, be aware of the trick the Biden campaign has been pulling lately. In an attempt to appear virtuous and honest, Biden repeatedly claims that the president is not responsible for the virus and instead focuses on the president’s response. In most cases, the Democrats are happy to blame the president no matter what, but Biden is being careful to appear like an honest and level-headed guy.

It’s not working.

“Donald Trump is not responsible for the coronavirus, but he is responsible for failing to prepare our nation: for the months during which he continually neglected dire warnings from experts and downplayed the threat to us, and for the erratic and unacceptably slow federal response that has tragically lagged behind other countries,” Biden claimed.

“Now we have more coronavirus cases than anywhere in the world, and that is dealing body-blows to our economy and to the welfare and well-being of millions upon millions of Americans,” he added.

Not only have U.S. intelligence agencies informed the White House that they believe China purposely tried to cover up the outbreak and has lied about the numbers of cases in the country, Biden and the Democrats were criticizing people for being wary about allowing travel from China into the country just a few weeks ago.

Not only did U.S. intelligence tell us China was lying, but China even acknowledged they had underreported coronavirus cases on Wednesday when they confirmed their data did not take asymptomatic cases into account.

Is Biden on the payroll of the Chinese government, or does he just think it’s worth lying to get a dig in at Trump?