Joe Biden Asked To Drop Kamala Harris

( There are rumors that President Joe Biden’s friends want to replace Vice President Kamala Harris. The idea of internal strife and a likely Democratic ticket shake-up in 2024 has started to gain traction in the mainstream media.

Democrats may be “in a world of hurt,” according to Douglas MacKinnon if they don’t “look beyond the current occupants of the White House.”

He penned an article advocating that President Biden replace Kamala Harris with California Gov. Gavin Newsom and then resign to improve the chances of the Democratic Party holding onto the White House in 2024.

His goal was to start a conversation about the plausibility of a ticket led by either Biden or Harris moving forward, even if it was not a strategy that Biden would ever entertain.

Some Democrats have admitted to MacKinnon that they don’t believe Harris or Biden would give their party the best chance in the upcoming election. Furthermore, many fear that Democrats will face difficulties if they try to distance themselves from Harris because she is the first woman and person of color to be chosen vice president, marking a unique moment in American history.

With 2024 rapidly approaching, this story is gaining traction in the media.

The Dems are “stuck with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris” for the time being, but Biden may be able to “alter that” by the time 2024 rolls around, Christina Cauterucci wrote in a similar article for Slate headlined, “If Biden Runs Again, He Should Pick A New VP.”

Democrat strategist Garry South stated in a Capitol Weekly article titled “Memo to Democrats: Beware of Kamala Harris, in 2024 or beyond,” “Despite her considerable intelligence, Harris just isn’t very good, I’m sorry to say, either as a candidate or communicator. Democrats would be wise to keep in mind the time-honored adage, “Caveat emptor,” when it comes to Harris.

The Atlantic prepared a list of probable politicians who could succeed Biden and published it in a piece titled “20 Reader Ideas for Who Could Replace Biden.”

According to a Rasmussen Reports poll, most Americans do not want Vice President Kamala Harris or Former President Donald Trump to run for office in 2024.

They also do not want President Joe Biden to seek reelection.

Only 33% of “likely voters” believe Biden should run for re-election in 2024, while 55% believe he shouldn’t.

If the Dems current crop were a baseball team, projections are that they need to rebuild or be in last place.