Jill Biden Biography Only Sells 250 Copies

(PresidentialWire.com)- Last Friday, Politico ran a piece explaining that White House reporters in the Age of Biden aren’t likely to have a star-turn the way they did under Trump because reporting on the Biden White House is just so dang boring.

With Trump gone, so too are the constant stream of histrionic, made-up scandals to keep the press pool busy. Joe promised to make his presidency boring, Politico explains, and he delivered.

The Politico piece, while well-written, is, in the words of columnist Becket Adams, “unintentionally damning.”

Rather than make the case for how dull and uninteresting the Biden White House is, the article exposes how lazy and partisan the White House press corps is.

But to prove its point that Joe Biden ushered in an era of dull indifference, the Politico piece mentions that the recently published Jill Biden biography written by two Associated Press reporters only sold a measly 250 copies in the first week.

During the Age of Trump, even Stormy Daniels was able to sell more books than that.

It’s more startling that it took two Associated Press reporters to write a biography about Jill Biden.

Who wants to read about an unremarkable woman whose only claim to fame is marrying Joe Biden?

The thing that prompts big early sales of books is controversy. That’s why everyone from Omarosa to Stormy to Trump’s bitter niece Mary cranked out anti-Trump books that initially sold well.

There’s a built-in market among the pussy-hat-wearing Resistance for bitter, angry Trump books. But what’s the market for a book about an uninteresting wife of a politician who was so desperate to look important that she got the easiest doctorate in the world just so she could call herself Doctor Biden?

Any one of those White House reporters could solve the boring problem overnight. They could blow the lid off of the late-night flights of illegal aliens. They could follow the money on Hunter Biden’s dirty deals and how Joe benefited from them. They could do a deep dive into the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

But they won’t.

When the president is a guy they support, the White House reporters would rather be bored than do their jobs.