Jewish Community Accuses Ilhan Omar Of Having “Disease Of The Mind” With Hatred For Jews

( A writer in an opinion piece at Algemeiner, decided to take on the task of “Diagnosing Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitic Disease.”

In it, he quotes British historian Paul Johnson who said that anti-Semitism is a “disease of the mind,” adding that it is a disease of “contradiction and irrationality.”

Then the writer attempts to make the case that Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar suffers from this “disease of the mind” – alleging that her deep-seated anti-Semitism may have its roots in her upbringing in Somalia.

He cites another American from Somalia, human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who previously explained how she grew up in similar circumstances as Ilhan Omar – surrounded by militant Islamists in a deeply anti-Semitic society. But unlike Hirsi Ali who overcame her upbringing, Omar continues down that same path here in America.

The writer then cites some of the countless examples of how Ilhan Omar’s ingrained hatred of the Jews spills out with startling regularity. Her “all about the Benjamins” tweet, her 2012 claim that Israel has “hypnotized the world,” and of course her constant drumbeat claiming Israel is an oppressive, apartheid state that must be destroyed.

And when Omar is called out for her anti-Semitic statements, she immediately falls back on claims that she is a victim of bigotry in order to shield herself from scrutiny and criticism.

Omar’s anti-Semitism has made her a darling of both the David Duke bigots and the Louis Farrakhan bigots. She’s become a unifier for every strain anti-Semitism in America.

The opinion argues that while it might send a message to anti-Semites to expel Omar from her place on the Foreign Affairs Committee or to defeat her in an election, this disease of the mind will remain a problem in the US until Americans start unconditionally calling anti-Semites what they are.

He urges that rather than calling her out for the things she says, Americans must start calling her out for who she is. And Ilham Omar is an anti-Semite.