Jesse Waters Says It’s A “Religious War” We’re Now Involved In

( Pro-abortion activists will not stop with boisterous rallies in private areas or even Molotov cocktails, according to Fox News personality Jesse Watters, who claims that the struggle to protect abortion rights is “a religious war” for people on the Left.

Watters and his co-hosts on the network’s popular panel program “The Five” discussed the outpouring of demonstrations in private areas in the wake of a leaked early decision draft showing the Supreme Court may be prepared to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

Watters opened his piece by admitting that he used to be a reporter who would ambush people on the street for quotes but that the rallies outside Supreme Court justices’ residences were completely different.

Watters said that he knew critics would say that he went to people’s houses. He said there is a distinction. He went to clarify, not terrify.

As Watters sees it, the distinction is that having a crowd of furious radical activists yelling at the top of their lungs when the kids are home is a lot different from having one man with a microphone who walks up and asks a courteous question, then departs.

He asserted that Democrats had no option but to make abortion the critical issue in November’s midterm elections, claiming that President Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled House and Senate had failed to achieve anything worth campaigning on.

However, he anticipated that as the abortion issue became increasingly significant to the political Left, demonstrators would get angrier and more violent.

He said that the Left holds abortion in high regard. This indicates that the situation is religious. To the Left, this is a religious conflict.
Watters said abortion means everything to them. So, a molotov cocktail, graffiti, or encircling a judge’s home is not a big deal, and it’s just going to worsen after the ruling drops this summer.

Evidence suggests that pro-abortion activists may be responsible for a rash of vandalism at pro-life pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations since the draft was leaked and for staging protests outside the homes of sitting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts.

While the White House has stated that demonstrators should stay nonviolent, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has declined to denounce pro-abortion groups who created maps directing would-be protesters to the residences of Supreme Court justices.

Had these protests happened under Trump, and he failed to prosecute the protestors showing up at the homes of Kagan, Sotomayor, or Breyer, it would be characterized as more evidence that he is a dictatorial tyrant.