Jen Psaki’s Claims About Kamala Harris’ Mask Exposed As False, Video Shows

( A video that was shared on President Joe Biden’s Twitter account seems to contradict a claim by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki that Vice President Kamala Harris wore a mask when before she left to go to the Rose Garden at the White House where she publicly celebrated the confirmation of far-left Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

During a press briefing, Psaki claimed that Harris didn’t wear a mask because she was celebrating a historic moment for the country, but insisted that she wore a mask before she left to offer remarks in the Rose Garden.

Psaki specifically said that Harris “has been wearing a mask inside” and that everyone during the “private greet” were all wearing masks before they went out.

When pushed about the public embrace between the vice president and Jackson, Psaki insisted that Harris was “socially distanced for 99.9% of the event today” and that it was “understandable” that she had an emotional moment.

If anyone else did that, the White House would tell you that all it takes is spending 0.1% of your time in close proximity to someone to spread the “deadly virus.”

But if we take a look at a tweet from the president’s Twitter account, we see that Kamala Harris and others weren’t wearing masks before they went outdoors.


So, Psaki lied. Harris lies, the president lied, and the White House’s team lied.