Jen Psaki Squirms After Reporter Tells Of Violence Over Supreme Court Leak

( During Monday’s briefing, outgoing press secretary Jen Psaki got a little irritated after Fox News White House correspondent Alexandria Hoff asked if Joe Biden planned to condemn the activists who divulged the home addresses of the six conservative Justices or the violence that has unfolded since last week’s SCOTUS leak.

Associated Press correspondent Will Weissert had gotten the ball rolling, noting that Virginia law prohibits protesting outside of private residences, asking Psaki if the current shrieking demonstrations outside of the Justices’ homes “run afoul” of the Virginia law or other such laws around the country.

Rather than answer the question, Psaki explained that this is a country that “promotes democracy” and peaceful protests “in a range of places” are allowed. But, she added, these protests shouldn’t violate the law, and “no one is suggesting that.” Psaki cautioned that protesters shouldn’t resort to violence, threats, or intimidation “in any way, shape, or form.”

Turning up at the homes of Supreme Court Justices, some of whom have young children, is intimidation. Attempting to intimidate a judge is a federal crime.

Then Alexandria Hoff followed up, asking Psaki if President Biden planned to condemn the illegal leak and the doxing of conservative justices, especially now that there has been violence.

Psaki claimed the President has long had the position that protesters should not use violence, including vandalism or threats. She added that there hasn’t been any violence or vandalism against the justices.

Psaki admitted that there had been violence and vandalism against some Catholic churches and pro-life organizations, which she described as “unacceptable.”

Despite claiming the administration doesn’t support the violence, Psaki excused it, telling Hoff that the White House understands the “passion” and the “concern.”

Remember when President Trump released the video telling the rioters at the Capitol that he understood how they felt but they should peacefully leave? It got him banned from Twitter and accused of “inciting” an “insurrection.”

But, Democrats are always held to different rules.