Jen Psaki Claims Americans Need To “Do More” After They Failed On Promises

( Remember how Joe Biden promised during the election campaign last year that he would “shut down the virus” and not the country? Well, it’s evident that he didn’t shut down the virus and he has seriously hurt the economy, and now the White House can’t pretend they don’t see what’s happening.

Their solution? Blame the American people.

Controversial White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to directly answer questions about the way the president has handled the pandemic during a recent White House Press Briefing Room interaction with journalists. Psaki was asked whether Biden should be held to the same standards that he used in his attacks against Donald Trump during his presidency, and her only answer was that the American people need to do even more.

Psaki told a reporter, who noted that there is a new COVID-19 variant now spreading throughout the country, that roughly 20% of the American people who are currently unvaccinated should go out and get the vaccine.

“We need the American people to do more, who are not vaccinated, to help us continue to fight the virus,” Psaki said – without citing any data that proves those who have not taken the vaccine are contributing more to the spread of COVID than anybody else.

What if those 20% of people have already contracted the virus? Scientists already know and acknowledge that natural immunity exists. This is accepted science.

See for yourself how Psaki danced around the question:

When will the Biden administration accept that controlling a respiratory virus is virtually impossible?