Jen Psaki Admits It Was An “Error” To Allow Insane Anti-White Racist Material

( White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was forced to admit that President Joe Biden was wrong when he promoted an organization that pushed teachers in America to “disrupt Whiteness and oppression.” The “Abolitionist Teaching Network,” an extreme left-wing organization that promotes racist policy and school curriculums, was promoted in a Department of Education handbook.

During a press briefing, Psaki reiterated an earlier White House statement attempting to distance Biden from the organization and admitted it was an error, stating that the organization “does not represent” the administration’s view and that they “don’t endorse the recommendations of this group.”

Psaki insisted that the federal government doesn’t recommend or dictate specific curriculum decisions for schools and said that the decision about what is taught in schools will be made by both state and local governments.

…but that doesn’t change that the White House promoted this far-left organization, or the fact that Democrats in state and local governments all over the country are urging schools to adopt Critical Race Theory and extreme-left wing ideologies as part of their teachings.

The handbook in question was published earlier last week, titled, “Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning.” The booklet claims that schools are a “microcosm of society” and conversations about “race and emotional learning” are therefore essential in schools.

So if President Joe Biden is distancing himself from the booklet, does that mean he thinks the Democrats should do the same? The president said that he is the Democratic Party when he was questioned about abolishing and defunding the police, so how about now? Will the president be telling Democrats to dial down their promotion of Critical Race Theory?

We’re assuming not…