Jeffrey Epstein’s Friend List To Be Released By Ghislaine Maxwell

( In a letter to federal Judge Loretta Preska last week, attorneys for convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell said they will no longer fight to keep the names of eight “John Does” secret and will leave it to the court to decide whether the names are unsealed.

The sealed documents containing the eight unnamed individuals are related to a settled defamation case brought by Virginia Giuffre in 2015. Giuffre claimed Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused her when she was a minor and that Maxwell had aided in the abuse. Giuffre’s suit was settled in 2017, but the documents remained under seal.

In her letter, Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger informed Judge Preska that Maxwell doesn’t wish to “further address” the objections to the names being released. Menninger noted that each of the eight individuals has his own attorney and is perfectly capable of protecting his own privacy.

On Wednesday, Virginia Guiffre’s attorney Sigrid McCawley asked that documents be unsealed now that Maxwell’s case was complete, arguing there was no reason to keep the records from the 2015 lawsuit under seal.

In her filing, McCawley said that it was “apparent” that the Joe Does who are objecting to unsealing the records are more concerned about avoiding embarrassment if their names come to the attention of the media and want to avoid the “unfortunate association” of having their names linked to the likes of Jeffrey Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell.”

McCawley argued that “generalized aversion to embarrassment and negativity” is not enough reason to continue keeping the information sealed, especially given the gravity of the “allegations of the sex trafficking of minors.”

According to McCawley’s filing, two of the eight unnamed people have said they don’t oppose their names being unsealed.