Jeb Bush Slams ‘Old Politicians’ – Admits He’s Part Of The Problem

Former Florida governor and one-time presidential candidate Jeb Bush has taken a bold stance against the older generation running for political office. In a recent speech at Miami’s Jungle Island, Bush, who is 70 years old, acknowledged his role as “part of the problem.”

“It’s time for my generation to get off the stage politically,” Bush declared, challenging the status quo and urging his peers to make way for younger voices and fresh perspectives. He emphasized the urgent need for change, highlighting the “toxic political climate” that has plagued the nation, which he believes is perpetuated by both sides of the political spectrum.

During his speech, Bush expressed concern over the growing trend of using outrageous statements to gain attention and followers on social media platforms like Twitter. He criticized those who enter politics not out of a genuine desire to serve and solve problems but to become political celebrities akin to figures like Kim Kardashian.

While Bush did not specifically target any individual with his remarks, he did express his frustration with those who cling to “alternative-style facts” and seek validation for their views. He emphasized the importance of rewarding politicians who dare to defy their base and act based on principles rather than simply pandering to popular opinion.

Bush’s remarks come when aging political figures on both sides of the aisle face increasing scrutiny. President Joe Biden, now 81 years old, is set to begin a second term at 82 and end it at 86. This has drawn criticism from some who question whether someone his age can effectively lead the nation. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump, who is 77 years old, has recently released a report on his overall health, which his physician describes as “excellent” and his cognitive test results as “exceptional.”

In contrast to these older figures, the Republican primary field consists of relatively younger candidates. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, at 45 years old, offers a fresh face for the party, as does former Governor Nikki Haley at 51. Even former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, at 61, is considered relatively young in comparison. The youngest contender, Vivek Ramaswamy, is just 38 years old, representing a new generation of conservative voices.