Jared Kushner Confirms He Met Kanye West to Discuss Campaign

(PresidentialWire.com)- Kanye West, the famous rapper who for a long-time supported President Donald Trump, is running his own independent presidential campaign. It surprised a lot of people earlier this year when he announced his intentions to run, given how supportive he has been of the president and his work from the early days.

In a weird turn of events, senior White House advisor (and son-in-law of the president) Jared Kushner recently confirmed that he met with West on Tuesday to discuss the campaign.

“Kanye’s been a friend of mine, I’ve known him for about ten years, and we talk every now and then about different things,” Kushner confirmed.

Kushner told reporters at a press briefing in the White House that he met with West in Colorado, and that it was more of a “general discussion” that also included exchanges of opinions on policy. He appeared weirdly positive about West’s campaign, despite the fact there is a very real possibility he could take votes from President Trump.

“He has some great ideas for what he’d like to see happen in the country, and that’s why he has the candidacy that he’s been doing,” Kushner added.

Some speculate that Kushner’s positivity about the campaign could be because of the possibility that West could take more voters from Biden than Trump. The Democrats traditionally take home more of the black vote when it comes to election time. With the many insensitive and arguably racist comments made by Joe Biden during the campaign so far, it’s very possible that West could take a significant chunk of the black vote from the Democrats.

On August 12, West prompted the media to start talking about the meeting he had with Kushner.

“I’m willing to do a live interview with the New York Time about my meeting with Jared where we discussed Dr Claude Anderson’s book Powernomics,” he said.

It sparked a Twitter storm of people speculating why he would meet with a senior advisor to the president despite running a campaign against him.