James Woods Rewrites “Sexist” Fox News Headline

When Fox News reported on Friday that President Biden’s son Hunter had been deposed in a heated child support case in Little Rock, Arkansas, actor James Woods took issue with the network’s title. According to Woods, the performance was grossly misrepresented of the source material.

Four-year-old Navy Joan Roberts is the daughter of Lunden Roberts, who is identified in the story as a former stripper. A court found “with near scientific certainty” in January 2020 that Hunter was the biological father of Navy officer Joan Roberts. There was “highly unusual” attendance by Roberts in the court sessions last week about the president’s son’s desire to decrease the $20,000 in child support that he pays.

Fox News promoted their article on Twitter with the headline “Biden’s son dragged into court as fiery child support battle against ex-stripper heats up.”

A post by Woods deemed the banner to be “journalistic sexism.”

In a tweet, the actor observed that Hunter is called a “son,” but she’s characterized as an ‘ex-stripper.”

Woods called this the lowest kind of misogyny in the media.

Being the clever guy he is, Woods didn’t just complain; he suggested a solution by offering a different title for Fox News. 

He said the headline could just as easily call Roberts a “mother” while characterizing Hunter as an ex-crack addict. 

About five years ago, after Hunter Biden ended his engagement to Hallie Biden, his brother Beau’s widow, he had a brief flirtation with Roberts. The relationship ended within a year or less. Roberts delivered the baby in August 2018, the same month Hunter married Melissa Cohen, his second wife. 

The saddest part of this mess is that President Biden apparently does not recognize his granddaughter. The tiny child did not choose to be born into such questionable circumstances.