Jack Posobiec Finds Audio Of Death Threats

(PresidentialWire.com)- Just days after someone leaked Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion to Politico, pro-abortion radicals tried to set fire to a Wisconsin pro-life group’s offices and vandalized the building.

The Wisconsin Family Action headquarters in Madison was damaged early Sunday, May 8 after someone tossed a Molotov cocktail through a window. Fortunately, the improvised explosive device did not ignite, but according to Madison police, a separate fire was started.

In addition to the fire, the outside of the building was spray-painted with the threat, “If abortions aren’t safe than [sic] you aren’t either.”

Federal investigators have been briefed on the incident.

The arson attack was condemned by both Republican and Democrat officials in Wisconsin.

Democrat Governor Tony Evers tweeted his condemnation of “violence and hatred in all forms” including the attack at Wisconsin Family Action. After decrying the violence, Evers reiterated his opposition to overturning Roe v. Wade and said he would work against those who are attacking “reproductive rights by leading with empathy and compassion.”

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson was more direct, calling the arson attack “abhorrent.”

And while the attack itself was abhorrent. What was even more disgusting was the pro-abortion activists’ response to the attack.

Late last week, Human Events editor Jack Posobiec obtained an audio recording of voice mail messages left for Wisconsin Family Action after the arson occurred. The messages are vile and not appropriate for all ages.

Listen to the audio (not safe for work):