Israel Confirms It Has Launched Multiple Airstrikes

( While the United States struggles with Islamic militants in Afghanistan, Israel is continuing to defend itself against Hamas extremists working to destroy the nation of Israel and murder its people. On Monday, the Israeli Defense Forces announced that it had successfully carried out fresh strikes against Hamas bases in Gaza.

A tweet from the official IDF account explained how throughout the summer, Hamas has launched a number of arson balloons from Gaza into Israel. The attacks involve balloons carrying material that is on fire being launched from Gaza, so that they land in Israel and cause fires in buildings and populated areas.

The tweet added that in response to renewed attacks on Monday, they had struck a weapons manufacturing site, as well as a rocket launch site and tunnel entrances used by extremists.

No information was made available about casualties resulting from the airstrikes, but given Israel’s strategic targeting of Hamas sites, it’s unlikely that large numbers of civilians were hurt.

According to the Jerusalem Post, strikes took place on Monday night and into Tuesday morning, and Israeli fighter jets targets weapons sites in Khan Younis as well as a tunnel located in Jabaliya. According to the news outlet, the latest balloon attack set off by Hamas caused 10 fires in Israel.

Remember the Democrats regularly condemn Israel for these attacks, but never seem to acknowledge these horrific attacks by Hamas.

An official spokesman for Hamas told the Jerusalem Post that the latest response by Israel is an example of the nation’s “confusion and failure” regarding the “stability of our Palestinian people” and said that the bombing will only make them more motivated to “exact our rights.”

How come nobody ever talks about Hamas aggression?