Iranian Media Says Joe Biden’s Health Now In Question

( On Friday, the Iranian state news agency Tasnim claimed that President Joe Biden’s mental health “under question again.” And while the pro-regime news agency is definitely biased towards Iran, it seems like this is something they’re right about…

The reason the article sounded perfectly reasonable is because it seemed to be ripped from a piece published on Thursday by the New York Post. Much of the article was quoted exactly, with a few additional quotes added to make Biden seem worse than he really is. And that’s saying something… because everyone knows Biden is pretty bad.

The outlet quoted President Biden’s incorrect comments in North Carolina on Thursday, when he said that losing 600,000 people in America in one year is more than every life lost in the first and second world war, the Iraq, Iran, and Vietnam wars.

Which is obviously wrong.

The only thing right about his claim is that America has in fact lost around 600,000 lies from COVID-19 in a year.

Oh, and what Iran war?

Twitter users took to the platform to ask, “Did Joe Biden just declare war on Iran?”

The New York Post speculated that President Biden may have been talking about American soldiers who were killed in Iran in 1980 during President Jimmy Carter’s efforts to rescue American hostages from the country, but the chances are President Biden doesn’t remember that.

He probably just…got it wrong.

But what’s new with this guy?