Iran Issues Chilling Threat As Conflict Rages

On Sunday, Israeli soldiers pushed deeper into Gaza, while Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi posted a worrying message on X.

The crimes of the Zionist authority have exceeded the red lines, perhaps pushing everyone to take action. Raisi wrote on X that despite Washington’s repeated requests that we take no action, it has constantly provided considerable backing to Israel.

According to Raisi, who was referring to forces associated with Iran that oppose Israel and the United States, the United States sent messages to the Axis of Resistance but received a clear answer on the battlefield.

According to reports, Iran’s Tasnim News Agency stated that Raisi slammed the U.S. for aiding Israel in its fight with Hamas. Raisi said the United States was hypocritical because, on October 7, Hamas allegedly killed more than 1,400 Israelis in an attack.

What kind of explanation can the Americans who back and supply military equipment to the regime in Gaza give to their own country and the world community when that regime is accused of crimes?

According to IRNA, Raisi tried to disassociate between Iran and the militias it supports during an interview with Al Jazeera on Saturday.

According to France 24, while Iran feels it must back the opposition organizations, the militias nevertheless make their own decisions and operate independently, saying their fighting men and women overseas need a Chief of Staff who has their backs. Attacks against American troops in the Middle East by groups with ties to Iran were in reaction to messages from the United States.

According to Raisi, Israeli ground forces in Gaza have been beaten and are currently retiring.

The Israel Defense Forces claim that at the Erez Crossing in the northern Gaza Strip, several Hamas terrorists emerged from a tunnel and were killed by troops. According to the IDF, three more Palestinian militants were killed in separate neighboring engagements. Multiple people were killed when a drone targeted a Hamas staging area.

According to the Times of Israel, IDF ground forces invaded northern Gaza on Sunday and reported clearing out Hamas fighters in their route.

Israel has kept up its calls for the remaining Gazans to leave.

Residents of the Gaza Strip are living in a war zone. Israeli planes have dropped leaflets warning that there are no shelters in northern Gaza that are safe.

Even as missiles were still being fired from Gaza at Israeli targets, Israel advanced farther into Gaza.