Iran Deploys Missiles During Nuclear Talks With World Powers

( As Iran returns to discussions with the United States and other Western nations about the possibility of coming into compliance with the failed Obama-era Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or the “Iran Nuclear Deal,” the nation’s military has displayed three ballistic missiles at an outdoor parade in the capital city of Tehran.

The negotiations have so far failed to produce any results, with Iranian leaders and officials demanding that the United States withdraw all financial sanctions placed on the country before any changes are made.

The missiles displayed during the parade, known as Zolfaghar, Qiam, and Dezful, can travel as far as 620 miles.

Negotiations between Iran and the United States are being held indirectly, with diplomats from Russia, China, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom facilitating the discussions. These five countries are the remaining countries still subscribed to the Iran Nuclear Deal, despite the fact that Iran has long been out of compliance.

Iranian state television reported that the missiles on display were the same ones as those used to strike American targets in Iraq.

When will President Joe Biden see that Iran is not serious about returning to compliance with this deal?