Internal Trump Polls Show Voters Care More About the Economy Than BLM

( Internal polling done on behalf of the re-election campaign for President Donald Trump shows just how out of touch the Democrats and Black Lives Matter are, suggesting voters care more about jobs and the economy than anything else. The polling shows that people don’t care about issues made up by Black Lives Matter, like “racial injustice,” and would rather see the president focus on getting the country back to work.

The poll, commissioned by America First Priorities and shared with The Daily Caller, showed that 20% of respondents consider jobs and the economy to be their most important issue. A further 16% said the fighting COVID-19 was their priority, and 3% said they think upholding law and order is the most important. Just 4% of respondents said that stopping racial injustice was the most important thing.

The results don’t just show that appeasing Black Lives Matter is a bad election strategy, but also shows that while the riots are harmful to the cities being impacted, most places aren’t feeling the damage. When only 3% of respondents consider law and order the most important political issue, it shows that more work needs to be done educating people about the damage being caused by BLM and Antifa.

In further questions, the poll showed how people have more confidence in President Donald Trump to deliver a booming economy than the Democrats. It showed Trump with a +14 advantage over Biden (56% to 42%). Combining faith in Trump to deliver a good economy, and the fact that most people want a strong economy…well, we all know what could happen here.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are still expecting a huge win in November based on the fact that Biden leads in national polls. Once again they seem to be forgetting that the election is won based on the Electoral College and not the national vote.

Regardless, those polls are slowly beginning to switch to favoring President Trump. A poll from Emerson College released on Tuesday showed Trump almost tied with Biden nationally, with 47% to Biden’s 49%.

Who here is surprised that American voters want a strong economy and don’t buy the lies told by Black Lives Matter?