Inappropriate Website “Executives” Are Resigning Over Allegations About Footage

( Many high-level officials at the online pornographic conglomerate firm Mindgeek have resigned in the wake of incidents involving non-consensual materials.

Both the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Mindgeek, the parent business of Pornhub and various other online pornography services, have resigned from the positions they’ve held at the firm for over a decade.

According to Variety, Feras Antoon, the company’s CEO, and David Tassillo, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, will continue to be stockholders.

The resignations came following an investigation by The New Yorker, which found that it had been hosting footage of victims under the age of 18 and of-age individuals who had not given their consent to be uploaded. The New Yorker conducted a series of interviews with many women who allege that their recordings and images were posted on a website without their permission. According to the women, it took a number of months before their stuff was ultimately erased.

A spokesperson for Mindgeek has said that the resignations of the CEO and COO are unrelated to the allegations that have been made against the firm. The spokesperson for the company maintains that there are safeguards in place that have eliminated information that was sexually abusive to children.

The firm claims MindGeek’s regulations are “more thorough and effective than any other significant platform on the internet.”

The conglomeration of websites managed by Mindgeek’s organization has more than 150 million unique visitors daily and is managed by more than 1,000 people.
In 2021, a class-action complaint was filed against the corporation in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, alleging that Mindgeek violated federal sex trafficking statutes and transmitted child pornography. The case was filed against Mindgeek.
The lawsuit claims that MindGeek made a profit from the unlawful content hosted on its website and is scheduled to go to trial at some point in the next year.

Because Mindgeek maintains administrative offices in Montreal and Los Angeles, a federal privacy authority in Canada initiated an investigation into the firm in the previous year.

Following the findings of The New York Times on the presence of illegal imagery on Pornhub in the year 2020, both Visa and Mastercard decided to terminate their payment processors for the website.