Illegal Migrant Released After Killing Two Children in Sanctuary State

The issue of illegal immigration remains a serious problem for many Americans. The presidential election is set to occur in November 2024, and the issue of illegal migration is likely to be a major topic of discussion as the election approaches. The sitting president Joe Biden has arguably made the problem considerably worse since he assumed the presidency in January of 2021 after defeating Donald Trump in the closely contested 2020 contest. In a recent report published by the New York Post, the immigration backlog set up by the federal government is set to surpass a number of over eight million illegals by the fall of 2024, a staggering 167% increase in a 5 year period.

Illegal migrants have arrived from all over the world, from places as far as Iran and China and as close as Mexico. Many are predominantly male, and additionally, many are criminals, or individuals wanted in their home countries for crimes or other serious offenses. One illegal alien who was convicted of murdering two kids was released from prison after serving his sentence in Connecticut. The uber-progressive, far-left state reacted in a despicable way; rather than turning the illegal over to ICE for deportation, he was set free and released back into the state.

Crime has skyrocketed in America’s major cities, and illegal migrants are only making the issue worse. Gang members are recruiting illegals as they arrive in the nation, frequenting shelters or bus stations. Those recruited are often put to “work” robbing stores, stealing people’s phones or even committing petty theft , targeting pedestrians on the street. One gang known as the Tren de Aragua has its origins in Venezuela. The gang is known for committing ruthless practices of torture. Recently, law enforcement officials in the city of New York have alleged that the gang has significantly increased its presence in New York City. Time will tell what ultimately becomes of Americas communities.