Illegal Immigrant CONVICTED After Critically Injuring 6-Year-Old in Hit-And-Run

(PresidentialWire.Com)- Another day, another story of an illegal immigrant committing a crime… This time, we’re talking about the illegal alien who left a six-year-old American boy critically injured, and another 16-year-old teenager seriously injured too. Pablo Hernandez, a Mexican national, hurt the two children while driving his pick-up truck in February. Hernandez hit the boys as they were crossing a street in Sevierville, Tennessee.

Police reported that after Hernandez hit the boys, he didn’t stop to help or call the authorities and simply sped off.

An eyewitness explained how she ran to help the little boy, saying, “I got out of my car screaming ‘Oh my gosh’ and ran to the median to get the little boy because he was still in the middle of the road.”

“I just hope and pray that [the] kids pull through,” Sabrina Osborne told local news channel WBIR 10.

Since the incident, Hernandez was tracked down and arrested, and now he has finally been convicted. The illegal alien has since been released to the custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency who are now preparing him for deportation. It seems almost unjust that Hernandez will be released back into Mexico, free to try and make his way back into the United States.

President Trump has completed hundreds of miles of new and improved wall along the southern border of the United States, but as the Democrats refuse to cooperate in terms of allocating funding for all the wall and border security required, it’s quite possible that Hernandez can find another way in.

“Pablo Bautista-Hernandez, an illegally present Mexican national and convicted criminal alien, entered ICE custody April 7, 2020, following his criminal conviction for hit-and-run April 3 in Sevier County, Tennessee, for his role in an incident in which he struck two children near a school bus stop and fled the scene,” ICE spokesman Bryan Cox told Breitbart.

Until his deportation, Hernandez will be held at the Jackson Parish Correctional Center in Louisiana. He awaits a federal immigration judge to hear his case, which, knowing this process, may well take some time.