Ilhan Omar Starts Swearing Over Joe Manchin

( Radical Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota lost her absolute mind over moderate Senator Joe Manchin’s decision not to back the extremist “Build Back Better” bill recently, swearing during an episode of “Velshi” on MSNBC.

Speaking to the left-wing “news” network,” Omar slammed Manchin’s decision not to support the multi-trillion-dollar, calling his completely valid concerns “complete bullsh*t.”

Manchin has repeatedly stated that he would not support any new spending bills, or at least excessive spending bills, while the American people are forced to experience cripplingly high costs for goods, food, and fuel. If inflation doesn’t get better, Manchin has told legislators, then he simply won’t support the bill.

He’s acting in the interests of his voters in West Virginia, and in the interests of the American people, but Omar just called them “excuses.”

So…she doesn’t care about the fact the Democrats’ are causing prices to skyrocket?

Speaking to Fox, Manchin said:

“You have the debt we’re carrying, $29 trillion. You have also the geopolitical unrest that we have. You have the COVID, the COVID variant. And that is wreaking havoc again. People are concerned.”

He’s not wrong, is he?

But Omar responded by saying everyone always knew that “Senator Manchin couldn’t be trusted.”

No, he can’t be trusted to just blindly follow your extremist agenda. It’s called being a moderate…and a democrat.

Omar also wrongly claimed that Manchin is “not working on behalf” of the people of West Virginia and that she is “disgusted by his reasoning.”

There you have it, people. Rep. Omar is disgusted at the idea of a legislator not supporting legislation if it would drive prices even higher.

What is wrong with these sickos?