Ilhan Omar Is Using Campaign Money For Private Security As She Pushes Defund Police

( Federal Election Commission filing records from Minnesota Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s campaign reveal that the far-Left Squad member and a big promoter of Defund the Police, has spent tens of thousands on private security.

According to the FEC report, Omar’s campaign dropped $27,149.20 on “security services” in August and September alone. Her campaign hired the private security firm Relative Intel LLC and the residential and commercial security company Lloyd Security Services to provide Ilhan more safety than she thinks her constituents deserve.

The website for Relative Intel, a Twin Cities-area firm, says it offers “quality and precise solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients,” including site security, “executive protection,” “package transport,” intelligence analysis, and “a brought range of training.”

During the Black Lives Matter riots that erupted in 2020 in the wake of the death of George Floyd, Omar was among the many progressive lawmakers who jumped on the Defund the Police bandwagon, frequently attacking the Minneapolis Police Department.

In a June 2020 appearance on CNN, Omar said that the Minneapolis police can’t be reformed, claiming the department “is rotten to the root.” She said the only solution was to tear down the existing “infrastructure” and “rebuild.”

Omar told CNN that nobody was suggesting that crimes shouldn’t be investigated. Instead, the Defund the Police advocates were saying that “the current infrastructure” existing in Minneapolis “should not exist anymore” and it would be impossible to “create a different process” if the current infrastructure remains in place.

Not one year after hopping on the Defund the Police bandwagon, Omar and the other members of the so-called “Squad” were doling out thousands of campaign dollars to pay for their private security.

According to her quarterly financial report filed in April 2021, Omar’s campaign spent $3,103.61 on her private security in Minnesota.